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Search Turtle presents a hand selected collection of directory links about Computers_Internet/Online_Tools/DNS topics. These represent some of the finest websites available in any directory. Following are Computers_Internet/Online_Tools/DNS websites.

Search Turtle's Computers & Internet Category represents the best sites in the niche. All Computers_Internet/Online_Tools/DNS websites are edited by humans to assure accuracy and quality.

AnalogX: DNSDig
DNSDig is a web version of dig. Allows you to query for a domain's DNS from any machine on the internet. Has very comprehensive results.
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Online utility for DNS administrators. Test your DNS servers, domain registration, mail and web servers.
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DNS Bajaj
Check the delegation of your domain. Has interesting graphical results.
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DNS Report
Provides a free DNS report on your domain. Includes over 20 different tests, looking for both minor and major problems.
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DNS, Whois, Nslookup, Head HTTP
Domain Name System Utility, online web interface to query DNS, Whois, Nslookup and Domain Names by IP address, Host address, Domain Name, URL.
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DNS Search Gateway
Handy web-based DNS lookup service, with links.
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DNS Stuff
Many free web-based DNS tools all in one location. Includes standard DNS lookups, WHOIS/IPWHOIS, and even obscure IPv6, IP-to-country and spam database lookups. Fast and thorough.
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eLiteral - Web Utility
Provides ping, traceroute, whois, finger, nslookup, and dig.
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Kloth.net NSlookup
Web-based nslookup tool that lets you look up IP address information. Query their and other DNS domain name servers to look up and find IP address information of computers on the internet.
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najk.com offers some ping, tracert, nslookup, and basic WHOIS for web users.
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